Wisconsin Property Taxes Are Among The Highest In The Nation

It isn’t typically mentioned when discussing high-tax states, however Wisconsin property taxes are among the highest in the country. 

With 2018 in full swing, data from 2017 is starting to pour in. According to research by ATTOM Data Solutions, property taxes rose 6% in 2017. Wisconsin was not immune to this trend.

Despite recent efforts to stabilize the budget and ease the tax burden on homeowners, Wisconsin property taxes are still among the highest in the country. Looking at the overall rate, Wisconsin ranks near the top in most categories.

In terms of the effective tax rate, Wisconsin’s 1.95% ranks them 5th in the country overall. Ahead of them are New Jersey, Illinois, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

When examining the annual taxes paid on a median prices home, Wisconsin drops to 10th overall. On average, Wisconsin homeowners can expect to pay $3,257 in property taxes annually. The state’s median home value is $167,000.

This is actually a higher amount of taxes in terms of real dollars than California. In California, the effective property tax rate is .79%, less than half of Wisconsin. However, California residents can expect to pay annual property taxes of $3,237: slightly less than Wisconsin.

The difference, of course, is in the median home value. Thanks to California’s skyrocketing housing costs, a median home in California is $409,300. That’s more than twice Wisconsin’s median.

What Gives?

Cost of living varies widely from state to state and even city to city. As with many things, your mileage may vary. Affording a median priced home in Wisconsin doesn’t mean you’ll be able to move to California and afford a median-priced home there.

California has some of the highest wages in the country, sure. However, those wages come at a price: a higher cost of living.

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