What’s The Vape Tax Look Like In Your State?

E-cigarettes and vapor products are increasingly popular nowadays. In fact, they’re so popular that a vape tax has been levied in several states. Will more follow?

Heralded as a safe(r) alternative to smoking; vapor products and electronic cigarettes have been soaring in popularity (and demand) over the past decade. They’re available at gas stations, supermarkets, convenience stores, and it seems like every town has one or more vape shops.

A bustling industry is growing. So much so that eight states and Washington D.C. have levied taxes on e-cigarettes and vapor products.

Vape Tax in your state

Which State Has the Worst Vape Tax?

From The Tax Foundation:

Of the states that tax the wholesale value, Minnesota is the highest by far (95 percent), followed by California (65.08 percent). Chicago levies the highest per unit tax ($0.80) plus a per milliliter rate ($0.55). Louisiana and North Carolina have the lowest per milliliter rate ($0.05).

For those keen on avoiding a vape tax, the vast majority of America has yet to adopt one. However, as an alternative to smoking; vapor products are relatively low cost. There is some debate over the health impact of “vaping,” however a recent UK study posited that while it is not without harm, it is roughly 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco use.

While only a few states have a vape tax, more are considering adopting them. New Jersey is considering a 75% tax, and Rhode Island an 80% tax. How many more states will follow suit? Only time will tell. In all, 11 states are considering levying a vape tax of some kind.

Cost of Living

Few people will plan their next big move based on the presence or lack of a vape tax. However, cost of living varies around the country. State by state and city by city there are different things to consider when deciding where to live.

Costs vary. Some states have a vape tax. Others, like North Dakota have low costs for tobacco. Some states have a tax on sugary beverages while others have high state income tax or none at all. 

The point is that costs vary widely based on location. If you’re planning on moving, a vape tax might not tip the scales one way or another. However, it may be something to consider.

If you are moving, one thing you should consider is downloading the City vs City app. Since costs vary, it’s a good idea to know what your cost of living will be in your new city. Our app takes the guesswork out of that process.

We examine costs at the zip code level, accounting for such factors as after-tax income, housing expenses, state and local taxes, and more. You will see a breakdown of your true cost of living. Compare your costs with another city of you choosing and see which one comes out ahead.

We don’t currently examine vape tax, however the City vs City app is a powerful cost of living calculator that’s more than just smoke and mirrors!