What’s The Real Cost of Transportation In Your City?

When deciding where to live, there are a lot of factors to consider. Home prices, taxes, property taxes, the list goes on. However, there are other variable costs associated with the city in which you live. The cost of transportation, for example, is especially useful if you plan on living in a city where owning a car might be counterproductive.

The Cost of Transportation

Based on city, cost of transportation can vary widely. Some cities such as New York have a large and multi-faceted transit system including trains, buses, subways, and more. Despite the relative size and expense of New York city; it isn’t the worst for transportation costs.

Thanks to data compiled by ValuePenguin, the least affordable large cities for public transit are outlined below.

cost of transportation

Los Angeles’ much-maligned traffic and transit ranks worst among cities with a population of at least 700,000. Residents of Los Angeles may be an average of 8.69% of their income on transportation. In a city with skyrocketing home prices and debt; that’s not a small percentage.

The most affordable cities for public transit are outlined below. Bremerton, Washington; Bridgeport, Connecticut; and Trenton, New Jersey top the list for the cities were residents pay the lowest percentage of their income towards transit.

the cost of transportation

In all, the residents of the most affordable 10 cities pay between 1.04-2.14% of their income towards public transportation. A much better deal than Los Angeles’ 8.9%

The cost of transportation varies from city to city. This is why City vs City takes transportation costs into account when calculating cost of living. Our app examines income, expenses (including transportation), and all major state and local taxes.

The result is a side by side comparison of two cities and a detailed look at the true cost of living in those areas. Whether you’re looking to escape the high cost of transportation in your city, or just looking for a new place to live: Download the City vs City app today!