Vote With Your Feet: Americans Leaving High-Tax States

In what is becoming a familiar trend, Americans are leaving high-tax states in droves. According to a recent report from The Hill, this migration could help swing future elections. 

The fact that Americans are leaving high-tax states is nothing new. According to The Hill, the approaching 2020 census will likely reflect these changes.

In general, states that keep taxes low and provide a competitive business climate perform far better than the states that follow the tax-and-spend approach.

In terms of overall population changes over the past year, that finding is once again confirmed. The United States has grown to nearly 327 million residents, with highly competitive economies in Idaho, Nevada and Utah leading the way this past year in percentage growth.

Impact on Future Elections

Potentially swaying future electoral cycles is one possible side effect of the migration. The US House of Representatives fills seats based on the overall population of a state. With mass migration, the number of seats is likely to change the construction of the house.

Leaving High-Tax States

The switch is an estimate according to Election Data Services, but could show how the House might look coming out of 2020.

Looking to Move?

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