Unprecedented Spending Trends in America: Housing

Unsurprisingly, housing expenses have almost always been the largest area of spending in America for over 70 years. Spending trends in America have seen its share of changes. However, housing still reigns supreme. 

What Do Americans Spend Their Money On?

The only exception to the trend is 1941 when spending on food averaged $8,311. In this year spending on housing came to $7,537. However, in 1941 the government included alcohol in the food spending category.

In the other years, alcohol was given its own category. In every other year measured, spending on housing outpaced every other category.

With the unprecedented dominance of housing, getting a good price on a home is more important than ever.

This is why the City Vs City cost of living calculator starts with spending and accounts for the biggest expense you have: Housing. Our app calculates your cost of living in the most accurate method possible. We look at median price by bedroom in your ZIP code and also ranked against other ZIPs in your city so that your standard of living is accounted for.

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