Trends in American Migration: Which States Are Being Fled Most?

Americans are fleeing some states and flocking to others. As data pours in, trends in American migration are taking shape. Which state come out on top? Let’s find out

According to North American Moving Services’ annual U.S. Migration Report there are trends in American migration developing. Americans are routinely fleeing certain states while favoring others.

The graph below illustrates the activity.

trends in American migration

In 2017, Americans are routinely moving away from certain states. Illinois was by far the “biggest loser” of the bunch while Arizona saw the biggest influx of citizens over the same time.

This comes as little surprise as Illinois is a high-tax state and Chicago has a famously high crime rate. Second on the list of outbound states was Connecticut which has its own share of high-tax problems. 

 Trends in American Migration

The states with the highest influx of citizens tended to be Southern states. Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, and The Carolina’s were all among the top destinations. Idaho was also listed, a state which has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

 trends in American migration

What Gives?

One trend that’s hard to ignore is the relative tax burden in these states. The top outbound states are marked by high state and local taxes. The inbound states have far more generous tax structures at the state and local level.

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