Oregon Is The Top Moving Destination In The USA

As large cities become increasingly more costly, Americans are packing up and heading out. West and South are the most popular destinations. However, the top moving destination in the USA may surprise you!

Let’s Head West!

For the third consecutive year, Oregon holds on to the No. 1 spot as top moving destination n the USA. Those are the results of United Van Lines’ 39th Annual National Movers Study, which tracks customers’ state-to-state migration patterns over the past year.

This year’s data reflects longer-term trends of people moving to the Pacific West. Cities such as Portland and Seattle are seeing the combination of a boom in the technology and creative marketing industry. This combined with a growing ‘want’ for outdoor activity and green space is helping to drive the traffic.

“The aging Boomer population is driving relocation from the Northeast and Midwest to the West and South. More and more people retire to warmer regions.”

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