The Most Expensive State for Pizza Might Shock You

The secret is out. American’s love pizza. It’s true. Pizza is as American as apple pie. But like Apple pie, not all pizza is the same. While you can certainly find pizza in every state, the cost and quality will vary extensively. In fact, the most expensive state for pizza might surprise you.

The United States of Pizza

According to a USDA study, the results of which were partially explored in this Zerohedge piece: 1 in 8 Americans consume pizza in some form every day. Not surprisingly, that number increases to 1 in 4 if you look solely at men and 1 in 5 for women, ages 12-19.

There’s no doubt, Americans love our pizza. In fact, you can find pizza everywhere.

The most expensive pizza

Per capita, Connecticut takes the cake (or pie) as the state with the most pizza restaurants. Not surprisingly, larger states with dense urban centers such as New York and Illinois also fare pretty well.

The mid-west and south don’t have nearly the same number of restaurants based on population. However, the popularity of certain regional cuisines may also be partially to blame.

The point is: you can get pizza anywhere.

Average Costs

You’r probably expect a state like New York or Illinois to top the price list. Both states are well-known for their pizza and boast large cities which generally fetch higher prices. However, it is North Dakota that comes out on top for the highest median price of a large pie, making it the most expensive state for pizza!

most expensive state for pizza

What gives? As in real estate, it’s all about location. While these states have plenty of pizza restaurants to choose from, it’s still a lower number based solely on population. What restaurants there are tend to be higher-scale establishments that serve artisan style. This contrasts with New York where prices may generally be higher, however there is no shortage of quick, takeout style pizza restaurants.

If we look more closely, the most and least expensive cities also reveals some surprising results. Buffalo, New York tops the list as the most expensive city in the country for a large, plain pizza.

most expensive state for pizza

On the other hand, Lexington, KY tops the list for the city with the LEAST expensive pizza. What gives? Again, it’s location and availability.

Buffalo, New York is a large city and the price is likely to partially reflect the overall cost of living. There is also a hearty Italian population in Buffalo and they claim ownership of their own style of pizza.

Lexington, Kentucky is a smaller city in the mid-west and in an area of the country where pizza isn’t as popular. The majority of pizza restaurants in the city are likely smaller chain restaurants where high competition among each other will drive typically lower prices even lower.

What’s Your Pizza City?

There are many factors that go into choosing where you call home. While we don’t recommend basing your move solely on avoiding the most expensive state for pizza, the price of food and overall cost of living should be a factor.

That’s where City vs City can help out. Our app looks at multiple factors, including groceries, healthcare, clothing, and other expenses. We show you a side by side comparison of your current city and the one you’re thinking of moving to.

Remember, not all pizzas are created equal and neither is the cost of living in every city. So whether you’re a lover of Chicago deep dish or the giant, thin crust style slices of New York, don’t forget to grab slice of City vs City when planning your next move.