The Best City To Own a House In. (And The Worst)

In two-thirds of tracked metro areas, pace of home appreciation was >6% over the past year. According to the data, this is the best city to own a house. And, of course, the worst one too.

In its latest update looking at March home prices, Case Shiller pointed out that “home prices are continuing to rise at a 5% annual rate.”

This is a pace that has held since the start of 2015. Truthfully,  this is an understatement. In 13 of 20, or two-third of the tracked metro areas, the pace of home appreciation over the past year was 6% or higher, or equivalent to three times the pace of core inflation.

And with rents continuing to soar across the country, in many cases at a double digit clip, not to mention exploding healthcare costs, one wonders just what the BLS “measures” with its monthly CPI update.

The Best and Worst Cities For Home Ownership

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