The Best Cities For Soccer Fans In The United States

With the World Cup kicking off this week, the whole soccer world is on pins and needles. It also serves as a reminder that soccer in the United States has been slow to catch on. However, several cities have caught the bug and the sport is becoming more popular every year. Here are the best cities for soccer fans in the US. 

Football might still be king in the United States but Futbol is coming on strong. In preparation, WalletHub compared nearly 300 U.S. cities with at least one college or professional soccer team across six divisions comprising 63 key metrics.

Among those metrics were minimum season ticket prices, stadium accessibility, and number of championship wins. Because what’s the use of being a US soccer fan if you don’t get to enjoy the excitement of a win every now and then?

The Best Cities For Soccer Fans

Overall, the best city for soccer fans in the US is none other than Los Angeles. The city has one of the largest Major League Soccer followings as well as access to several semi-pro and college teams.

Other cities topping the list?

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Portland, Oregon
  • New York, New York

The bottom of the list?

  • Dover, Deleware
  • Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • Youngstown, Ohio
  • Hampton, Virginia
  • Las Cruces, New Mexico

Soccer is still a growing phenomenon in America. As more cities attract MLS teams, the sport should only gain in popularity.

Location, Location, Location

It’s no surprise that many of the best cities for soccer fans in the US are larger cities. Larger cities can attract larger team sponsors, build bigger stadiums, and attract more fans. Few people are going to decide where they want to live based on the local soccer team; however, available entertainment and recreation should be a consideration.

One thing to note about the top US soccer cities is that most of these cities also have a high cost of living. It’s no surprise that if you can attract a large fan-base and build giant stadiums, costs in that city might be higher than elsewhere.

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