Teaching Salaries in Michigan Are Among The Best

Teachers in the mitten state aren’t getting rich, however they’re doing a lot better than educators in other parts of the country. Teaching salaries in Michigan are among the highest in the nation, according to a new report.

The subject of teacher’s salaries has come up a lot in recent weeks. However, for teachers in Michigan, things are looking pretty good.

Teaching salaries in Michigan average about $62,028 per year. That’s about $4,000 more than the national average of $58,353.

As protests continue around the country over educator  compensation, teachers in Michigan can enjoy a salary that’s $4,000 more than the national average. Teaching salaries in Michigan aren’t the highest (New York $79,152) or the lowest (South Dakota- $42,025), but they are well above the national average.

Teaching In Michigan?

If you’re a teacher and you’re looking to move somewhere, Michigan may be the place for you! However, cost of living varies around the country. While teaching salaries in Michigan may be among the highest in the country, what about standard of living?

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