The Taxes in North Carolina Are A-OK For Now

Taxes vary around the country. While federal rates stay the same, state taxes can have a big impact on your earnings and cost of living. Taxes in North Carolina are roughly in the middle of the country, median-wise.

If you’re paying state taxes in North Carolina, things could be a lot worse according to a new study by wallethub. The tar heel state ranks 24th in the nation in overall tax burden. This is slightly less than the national average.

Overall, Illinois, Connecticut, Nebraska and New York ranked as the top states for highest taxes, while Alaska, Delaware and Montana took the top three spots for lowest taxes. North Carolina is comfortably in the middle.

North Carolina’s effective state and local tax rate on median households is 10.64%. The national average is slightly higher at 10.78%. Of course, this assumes median household income and median home costs. For a better, more accurate look at your costs; download the City vs City App!

What’s City vs City?

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