Summer Gas Prices: Bay Area To Hit $4 Per Gallon

As the weather heats up, summer gas prices are rising with the mercury. While most states and cities can expect to see their gas prices rise, California is a special case. 

According to forecasts, summer gas prices in California may be here sooner than you think. California is already an expensive state to live in. That expense extends to gas prices where the average cost is $3.50 per gallon currently.

San Francisco and the bay area have the highest average cost per gallon in the state at $3.71. Some analysts say that $4.00 per gallon is just around the corner in the bay area. In some cases, that price may already be here.

“This will be the most expensive driving season since 2014,” said Tom Kloza, global head of energy analysis for Oil Price Information Service.

California gas taxes are among the highest in the nation already at $0.467. California also has clean fuel laws which increase the cost at the pump. However, a movement is underway to rollback California’s gas taxes to pre-2018 levels. 

The measure has received widespread support form residents who are feeling the burn at the pump. Ultimately, it looks as though voters will have an opportunity to weigh in as the measure is headed to the ballot in November.

Summer Gas Prices Still On The Way

Whether California voters decide to vote for or against the tax, nothing will stave off the $4 a gallon price at the pump this summer. This contributes to the already high cost of living in San Francisco and California as a whole.

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