States That Pay More: Wage Growth In the US

It’s no secret that wage growth has been slow around the country.  In fact, across the nation home prices have outpaced wage growth for some time. As debate rages on regarding minimum wage laws, there’s no question that your earnings are a big factor when it comes to  cost of living. With that in mind, here are some states that pay more. 

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, wages are going up for most Americans.  On average, wages rose 3.1% across the country. Of course, not ever state was invited to the party.

Three states saw a drop in earnings in 2017: North Dakota, Alaska, and Iowa.

On the other hand, of the states that pay more, Idaho saw the largest increase.

states that pay more

Top States That Pay More

The largest percent increase was Idaho (3.5%). This is due in large part to increased manufacturing of durable goods within the state as well as relatively low cost of living including tax burdens.

Among the higher states were also:

  • Washington State (5.2%)
  • Arizona (4.8%)
  • Utah (4.7%)
  • Colorado (4.6%)
  • Nevada (4.3%)
  • California (4.2%)
  • Oregon (3.9%)
  • Georgia (3.8%)
  • North Carolina (3.8%)

It’s important to remember that these are percent averages that apply to income from wages and salaries. Other sources of income were not factored into the above numbers.

Overall, the mid-west states saw the lowest percent-increase while the west coast, rocky mountain areas, and northwest saw the largest increase.

Of course, average percent wage growth is only one factor to consider where cost of living is concerned. It’s also important to remember that wages differ between states and cities as well. What a “good living wage” is in your current city might be drastically different in another one. A 3% increase in one state may go a lot further (or less) in another.

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