Here Are The States With The Lowest Sales Tax

It is said that the only two things in life that are certain are death and taxes. Both of these come in many forms but the end result remains the same. Taxes come in many forms: property taxes, income taxes, and of course sales tax. However, like many things, not all taxes are created equal. Here are the States with the lowest sales tax.

Like state income tax, sales tax varies from state to state. If you’re lucky enough to live in Delaware New Hampshire, Montana, Oregon then congratulations, you pay no sales tax on goods.

Other states aren’t quite so lucky.  Currently, the sales tax rate in the United States ranges from 1.69% in Alaska to 9.45% in Tennessee.


highest sales tax

The 5 Highest

  • Tennessee: 9.45%
  • Arkansas: 9.24%
  • Louisiana: 8.91%
  • Washington: 8.88%
  • Alabama: 8.85%

The 5 Lowest

  • Alaska: 1.69%
  • Hawaii: 4.35%
  • Wisconsin: 5.43%
  • Wyoming: 5.49%
  • Maine: 5.50%

What Gives?

You might expect high sales tax to be present in large states with heavily populated Urban centers. However, sales tax in states such as New York (4.0%), California (7.5%) are relatively low.

It is important to note, however, that these are effective state sales tax rates. New York City, for example, has a high local sales tax rate which effectively makes for an 8.5% sales tax rate.  Sales tax in San Francisco is also 8.5%

Local Taxes Matter

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