Why Are Seattle Home Prices So Expensive?

Seattle home prices have been steadily increasing in recent years. There are several reasons why this is happening. However, a recent Seattle Times expose breaks down a few key factors. 

The Seattle Times’ Mike Rosenberg explored the rising home costs in Seattle. We’ll summarize the findings below.

Lack of Supply

The first reason why Seattle home prices are rising is a lack of supply. With fewer homes being built, a lack of inventory is driving up the cost.

….But Demand Remains

In accordance with the basic principles of supply and demand, Seattle home prices are also on the rise because demand still remains. A lack of supply keeps the inventory low. However, when demand stays the same or increases, each home is more valuable and prices increase.

There is also increased competition for homes. King County, which includes Seattle, has seen tremendous growth in population.

In the typical year over the last two decades, the county had 1 home for sale for every 230 people. Now? There’s one home available for every 1,060 people.

This goes back to supply and demand yet again as a driving factor for Seattle home prices. More residents leads to more demand. At the same time, a lack of available homes means there are fewer homes to around. More demand leads to more competition leads to higher prices.

Home Prices Vary

Around the country, the cost of living including home prices varies widely. Seattle home prices are high, as is the case in other parts of the country as well. How high? Depends where you live.

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