Seattle Cost of Living Among The Highest In Country

With high taxes, high home prices, and high everything: it’s no surprise that it’s getting pretty expensive to live in Seattle. The Seattle cost of living has soared in recent years and shows no signs of stopping.

Per the Seattle Times, it’s getting pricey to live in the pacific northwest destination city.  According to the recently released Cost of Living Index, Seattle hit a record-high score of 152.8 for the third quarter of 2017.

In plain terms? It costs 52.8 percent more to live in Seattle than the average for the 267 places included in the survey.

The score is a record high for the city, and ranks is the 6th most expensive place to live in America.

Seattle Cost of Living: By The Numbers

Seattle Cost of Living

Home prices in Seattle have skyrocketed, and new taxes aren’t helping ease the burden either. However, the cost of common, household goods and services are higher as well.

Seattle ranks as the most expensive city for a number of survey items. Goods and services such as hamburgers, dry cleaning and haircuts, for example. Seattle also ranked in the top 10 most expensive for many others including T-bone steak, bread, sugar, cooking oil, telephone service, gasoline, dental visits, beer, wine, frozen corn, and of course: rent.

Some of the items on the list may seem inconsequential. After all, it isn’t every day you bu a t-bone steak, go to the dentist, and get your dry cleaning. However, the overall result of these costs, and more are what makes Seattle an expensive place to live.

Seattle Cost of Living

Washington State continues to be a popular destination for migration. However, if the cost of living continues to increase, a change may be coming. Americans are already beating a hasty exit from high-tax cities and states. Seattle has not been hurt by this trend yet.

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