Tech Workers Not Having Children Due to San Francisco Cost of Living

There’s a lot to consider when planning your life. Settling down and having a family is typically thought of as being part of the American dream. However, when it comes to  the San Francisco cost of living, not everyone is ready to wake up. 

A recent survey found that a majority of tech workers living and working in the San Francisco Bay area have delayed starting a family, namely having children. The reason? The San Francisco cost of living.

Fifty-eight percent of tech workers surveyed recently said they have delayed starting a family due to the rising cost of living, according to a poll that included employees from Apple, Uber, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Lyft and other Bay Area companies.

Cost of living in San Francisco is well known to be expensive, even for tech workers. The tech salaries in the bay area are higher than anywhere else in the US. When adjusted for cost of living, however, it falls to 3rd.

With cost of living so high, it’s no wonder why nearly half of bay area residents are considering leaving.  When compared with other cities, San Francisco has one of the highest cost of living burdens in the entire country.

Ready to Leave?

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Here’s how it works. Let’s compare San Francisco to the opposite coast. In this case, Washington D.C.

DC is not known to be a low cost area either. However, it requires up to 40% less in pre-tax income than San Francisco. That’s a step up from a cost of living standpoint!

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