A “Silicon Strip” Is Prompting America’s Rust Belt Innovation

Start-ups like SolePower are launching and staying in Pittsburgh, prompting American’s new rust belt innovation.

Pittsburgh locals note that two sets of people are moving into town to help bolster start-up growth. These include younger residents and the highly educated, and sometimes a blend of both.

Rust Belt Innovation On the Rise

Data from the Kauffman Foundation show Pittsburgh ranks as a top 10 metro for Main Street business activity. With 1,166 established small businesses for every 100,000 residents, the city is on the rise.

Pittsburgh also boasts a presence from big tech names. Giants such as Apple, Google and Uber, are drawing on and enhancing its technology workforce.

“The rise of the food and craft beer scene, paired with CMU’s attraction of global businesses having a presence in the city, are part of what is driving traction in the region now”

The highest growth sectors are business and financial services, including construction and engineering. Healthcare, including medical devices  are also on the rise. Technology likewise is playing a part.

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