Supporting Adult Children Cuts Into Retirement Savings

According to recent data, millennials are spending more time living at home with their parents than previous generations. While it’s great having your kids home, supporting adult children is putting a large dent into many parent’s retirement plans.

Recently, the US Census Bureau released the results of a survey that was published on Zerohedge. The survey found that 1/3 of all millennials currently live at home with their parents. While this can help with savings, the parents may wind up suffering.

The Cost of Supporting Adult Children

Published in the same article were the results of a NerdWallet Survey which found that supporting adult children’s living expenses may cost parents up to a quarter million in retirement savings.

Furthermore, parents paying college costs could be missing out on almost $80,000. More than a quarter of parents of children 18 and older (28%) are paying or have paid for their adult children’s tuition or student loans.

The average parent typically takes out around $21,000 in loans for their child’s college education, but pay out almost four times that amount from their retirement savings.

Other expenses such as healthcare, food, clothing, and entertainment were also not uncommon. Here’s how the costs broke down, with rent/housing representing the bulk of the expenses and healthcare following behind.

supporting adult children

And here’s a look at the length of time millennial children are spending at home after reaching 18. Nearly 25% of respondents said that they had an adult child spend 5 years or more living at home after their 18th birthday.

supporting adult children

What It Means

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