Some Residents Say Cook County Taxes Are Too High

Cook County (Chicago, for all intents and purposes), can be an expensive place to live. Some residents say that Cook County taxes are too high and are looking for reform. 

Chicago is a great city. However, it’s also an expensive city. The cost of living has led many in Chicago to consider packing up and trying their luck elsewhere. Millennials in particular have been hard hit by rising costs. 

According to WGNTV, not all residents are planning on giving up without a fight. While some flee, others are calling for reform; starting with property taxes.

Recently, property tax assessments have started increasing, some by as much as 59% and many in double digits.

There are eight townships in Chicago when it comes to assessments, that are assessed every three years. So far, only Rogers Park and Lakeview have gotten the news of the latest round, a median increase of more than 18 percent in Rogers Park. In Lakeview, it’s 31 percent. The six other townships will find out over the next five months.

Sure, Cook County taxes are high, but it’s normal according to the local government.

“Those are new resources that weren’t available before. We’re using them now. And the result is that the assessments in Lakeview and Rogers Park townships are within industry range for accuracy,” Tom Shaer, with the Cook County Assessor’s Office, said.

Still, some residents aren’t buying it and many are appealing their assessment. Some are calling for yearly assessments as opposed to the current 3-year cycle that is in place.

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