Relocate For a Job In One Of These Growing Industries

The US unemployment rate is at its lowest point in two decades. However, many workers are looking to relocate for a job. Stagnant wages and rising home prices have made some urban areas almost unlivable. 

There is hope, however. With low unemployment, new jobs are being created across the country in a variety of industries. The graph below illustrates the job density across Americas top 50 cities and metropolitan areas.

relocate for a job

The Results

Not surprisingly, computers and math are the fastest growing occupation. Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area scored highest in that field. 37 out of ever 1,000 jobs being created there are in the math and computer sector.

For community and social service occupations, Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD, leads, with nearly 20 jobs per every 1,000 being in that sector.

Washington, D.C  also topped the list for business and financial jobs with 98.9 out of every 1,000 jobs.  Note, this was the highest density of any field in any metropolitan statistical area.

Health care practitioners and technical occupations are  most dense in Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA-NH, and Baltimore-Columbia-Towson, MD. Each claim roughly 67 out of ever 1,000 jobs created in this sector.

Lastly, the lone star state of Texas has the highest density for construction and extraction occupations. Roughly 60 out of every 1,000 jobs created are in this sector, in large part due to the oil industry in the state.

Where Are You Headed?

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