The Relationship Between High Rents And Homelessness

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that there’s a correlation between high rents and homelessness. However, there are four main areas where the effects are most prevalent. 

In New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington D.C., the homeless rate tends to rise as rents increase. According to a study from Zillow, even a 5% increase in median rents may lead to 2,000 or more new homeless.

High Rents And Homelessness

Not surprisingly, large urban centers are more prone to the effects. As rents continue to increase around the country, the issue could become larger.

Some cities, such as Houston have taken extra steps to combat the issue before it becomes a crisis.

Houston has solved much of its homeless problem by providing housing. If the average rent in Houston climbs 5 percent, the area will see just 120 more homeless people – a remarkably small predicted increase for the country’s fifth most populous area, which as recently as 2010 had a high rate of homelessness.

What To Do?

The rising cost of living is only illustrating the relationship between rents and homelessness. In some areas, like San Francisco, residents have taken to exploring alternative living conditions to stay afloat.

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