Fastest Growing City? Population of Seattle Higher Than Ever.

Despite growing unrest over the high cost of living, Seattle is still chugging along. In fact, the population of Seattle is rising 

Say what you will about Seattle but you can’t say that people don’t want to live there. This simple (and true) statement was written by Gene Balk in a recent Seattle Times Article on the city’s population growth.

As the article outlines, the population of Seattle has been rising steadily over the past decade. Over that time-span, Seattle’s population has risen 18.7%, or by roughly 114,000 people.

According to the article:

The U.S. Census Bureau released new population figures for U.S. cities on Thursday, and they show that Seattle has toppled Austin, Texas, to become the nation’s fastest-growing big city this decade.

Seattle At The Top

Yes, despite a high cost of living, uncertainty over new taxes, and more: Seattle is the fastest growing big city in the country.

population of Seattle

Mr. Balk is quick to admit that Seattle’s pace of growth may have a downside (how fast can this speed last?). However, it is possible that Seattle’s new “head tax” on large business may have a cooling effect.

Still, living in Seattle is expensive; though not as bad as some of the other large cities in America. In fact, Seattle doesn’t even crack the top 5. So while living in the great Northwestern city comes at a cost, it won’t necessarily break the bank compared to other areas.

Because Location Matters

Around the country, cost of living varies widely. Availability and cost of housing, median incomes, availability of goods, state and local taxes, and more have an impact on cost of living expenses.

For longtime residents of Seattle, cost of living may seem astronomical compared with 20 years ago. If you’re one of the 114,000 newcomers, your experience and perspective may be different.

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