Pennsylvania Taxes Keep Trending Higher, Report Shows

Reports from the Tax Foundation show Pennsylvania taxes are high and trending higher.

The Tax Foundation recently released three reports on the tax climate in various states. As we all know, not all taxes are created equally at the state level. There are a number of available taxes for states to impose; though not all choose to do so.

When it comes to Pennsylvania, it looks like they choose to do so. A lot. Pennsylvania taxes are high. Not only are the taxes themselves high, but the number of taxes looks more like an “all of the above” approach rather than a pick and choose strategy employed by other states.

The Tax Foundation looked at state and local tax collections per capita, corporate income taxes per capita, and per capita sales tax collections over the course of three reports this month. When taken together, the reports paint a picture of Pennsylvania as the 13th-highest taxing state on a per capita basis.

13th may not seem very high. After all, it’s not even top 10. However, many of the states you would expect to land in the top 10 are ahead of it. New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, etc. Once we tread through these states, Pennsylvania at #13 seems a little high as well as unlucky this time of year.

Pennsylvania taxes, ranked against other states (major taxes):

  • Sales tax (29th highest in the country)
  • Corporate Income Taxes (12th highest in the country)
  • State and local taxes (16th highest)

Altogether, Pennsylvania winds up as the 13th highest state on a taxes per capita basis.

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