North Dakota Tobacco Taxes Are Pretty Low

Property taxes, sales taxes, sugary beverages taxes, income taxes, and more. There’s a lot of taxes in the United States and perhaps none are as controversial as the tax on tobacco. For some residents of the mid-west, however, it’s a non-issue. North Dakota tobacco taxes are, as it turns out, pretty low.

North Dakota Smoking

When looking at all 50 states, North Dakota ranks 48th with some of the lowest in the country. Contributing factors include relatively lax state taxes and not raising the purchase age to 21 as some states have.

The state has also cut funding to tobacco prevention programs by around $3.2 million. Not surprisingly, the American Lung Association isn’t happy about it.

“The higher the prices, the lower the smoking rates are. So it’s no coincidence that in Minnesota they have a higher than average tobacco tax and a lower than average rate whereas in North Dakota, we have a lower than average tax and a higher than average smoking rate,” -Reba Mathern-Jacobson, American Lung Association in North Dakota.

Regardless of what type we’re dealing with, tax rates vary widely around the country. This is true of tobacco taxes as well as income and property taxes.

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