New Jersey Property Taxes Are The Highest In the Country

When you purchase a home, you don’t just purchase the land or the building. You also enter into an agreement to pay property taxes. Rates vary around the country, however New Jersey property taxes are the highest in the country.

According to the US Census Bureau’s 2016 American Community Survey , New Jersey property taxes are the highest in the nation. At an average of $8,374 per year, New Jersey is over $2,000 per year ahead of the #2 on the list, Connecticut, with $6,222.

The Highest States for Property Taxes

  • New Jersey: $8,374
  • Connecticut: $6,222
  • New York: $5,881
  • New Hampshire: $5,511
  • Rhode Island: $4,529
  • Vermont: $4,527
  • Massachusetts: $4,993
  • Illinois: $4,845
  • California: $4,422
  • Maryland: $3,688
  • Texas: $3,550
  • Wisconsin: $3,523

Among the states with the lowest property taxes:

  • Alabama: $667
  • West Virginia: $792
  • Arkansas: $992
  • Louisiana: $976
  • Mississippi: $938

In general, northern states and those with large urban centers tended to be higher. Rural southern and mid-western states fared better. Maybe this explains why there’s been a recent mass exodus from high-tax states and why many Americans are settling into southern and mid-western states instead. 

Why It Matters

Property taxes are just one of the things to consider when deciding where to live. What’s more, property taxes typically account for roughly 40% of state and local tax receipts. A great deal on a home might come with a high price tag in the form of property taxes.

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