California Residents Are Moving to Arizona

It’s no secret that California has a high cost of living. While the state’s economy is strong, a growing housing bubble has some concerned. With cost of living increasing every year, many residents are moving to Arizona in search of a better way of life. 

According to the US Census Bureau, Arizona gained 107,628 residents in 2017. One of the largest population gains in the nation, according to available data. What makes moving to Arizona attractive?

According to North American Moving Services, in 2017, California was one of the top five states in the U.S. for people moving out of the state. Where did Arizona rank? Number one for people moving IN.

Of course, not everyone was coming from California. However, many residents are choosing to brush off the high-cost living of California in search of a home that’s close to home but without the price tag. A lot of it comes down to cost of living. A comparison of the two states by the Arizona Sun Corridor reveals some telltale signs.

State Income Tax (Highest Bracket)

  • Arizona has a personal state income tax of 4.54%.
  • California has a personal state income tax of 9.30%

Corporate Tax

  • Arizona: 6.97%
  • California: 8.84%

State Sales Tax

  • Arizona: 6.6%
  • California: 7.25%

California does have a lot to offer that Arizona doesn’t. For example, property tax rates in California (.78%) are lower than Arizona (.85%). Wages in California are also generally higher. The median wage in California is $51,910 compared to Arizona’s $43,670. A difference of over $8,000.

Ready to Move To Arizona?

If leaving high-tax California and moving to Arizona sounds like a good idea, you may want to investigate a little further before making the jump. That’s where City vs City can help.

If your’e earning $8,000 more in California, how does that translate in Arizona? How do the higher property taxes impact your cost of living? The price of housing? With City vs City, you can examine these costs more closely.

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