Move To A Small Town and Save BIG

Rural America. The Middle of the Country. The Flyover States. Whatever you call them, they represent 75% of the country but only 16% of the population. However, many of these states are offering big incentives to come back. If you’re willing to move to a small town, read on.

According to the Daily Mail, rural America is making a big push to bring back its vanishing population. Once upon a time, the country’s population was divided nearly 50-50 among urban centers and rural communities.

Owing in part to increased globalization, the rise of technology, and a lack of opportunities in smaller communities; that number has been steadily declining for decades. However, a few states are taking big steps to reverse the trend.

“Go West, Young Man?” Try Inward Instead

In an effort to revitalize vanishing communities, some states are turning up the incentives big time. Student loan payoffs, cash grants, and even free land are available for people who are willing to move to a small town.

Harmony, Minnesota

In an effort to encourage home building, the town is offering a cash rebate program of up to $12,000 with no age or income restrictions.

Marne, Iowa

If you’re willing to build a house, Marne will literally give you the land. That’s right. Give. Located less than an hour’s drive from the more populated Omaha, Marne will gift land to prospective home builders provided they are a legal US citizen and the construction is completed within 18 months.

Tribune, Kansas

Who knew that a move to a small town could pay off those student loans. The town of Tribune, Kansas is willing to pay off up to $15,000 worth of student loans (over 5 years) with their Rural Opportunity Zone program.

Curtis, Nebraska

Place another one in the “free land” category. Curtis, Nebraska is offering free parcels to newcomers. The only catch? You need to build a single family home within six months of the agreement.

Baltimore, Maryland

How about one that doesn’t require a move to a small town? Baltimore, Maryland has been struck with a struggling economy an fleeing population for years. In an effort to revitalize their communities, several programs have been enacted.

The “Buying into Baltimore” program offers residents a $5,000 forgivable five-year loan to be used towards home purchases. The” Vacants to Value” program offers $10,000 for a down payment and closing costs on a new home if you purchase property considered to be distressed or formerly distressed.

New Haven, Connecticut

Another bustling metropolis, New Haven is looking to increase its floundering home ownership percentage (32-34%). New homeowners can cash in on perks worth up to $80,000!

This includes a $10,000 forgivable five-year loan for first-time buyers, $30,000 of renovation assistance, and up to $40,000 towards college tuition assistance. City employees, teachers, police officers, and military members may also qualify for an additional $2,500!


The entire state of Alaska is full of incentives and special programs designed to attract new residents. From energy efficiency credits to low income assistance, Alaska is looking to increase both their population and their home ownership percentage.

First-time home buyers may also qualify for reduced interest rate as well as other incentives.


If you can pony up 4% of a first-time mortgage, Colorado offers a one-time grant for new home-buyers. The icing on the cake? No repayment is necessary.


If you’re looking to revitalize a foreclosed home or make renovations to a “fixer upper,” Wyoming offers assistance programs for both.

Ready To Make Your Move?

Contemplating a move to a small town or a big state with big benefits? The changing world of employment has made it so that more jobs are less focused on geographic location. If you can work remotely, the world is your oyster when deciding where to live.

A move is a big decision. Any of the states or communities on this list may make for the perfect new home for you. How can you be sure? With City vs City’s cost of living calculator, you can compare your current city with the ones on this list and more!

Calculate your potential earnings, cost of living, taxes, and more to see if the move you’re considering is the right move for you!