Are You Looking to Retire in 2018?

Globally, the United States is one of the top 25 best countries in which to retire. However, not all states are equally as welcoming. If you are looking to retire in 2018, or beyond, there are several factors to consider.

Thanks to a study by Wallethub, we know which states in the USA are best and worst for retirement. The study examined three main factors: affordability, health-related factors, and overall quality of life.

Looking to retire in 2018? Here are the states to consider (and avoid!):

The Top 5

  • Florida – 66.79 overall score
  • Colorado – 66.17 overall score
  • South Dakota – 65.89 overall score
  • Iowa – 62.46 overall score
  • Virginia – 62.02 overall score

It probably isn’t a surprise that Florida ranks highest on this list. Florida is often the first state people think of when they think of retirement. Florida ranks 1st in the nation with % of population considered to be senior citizens. It also ranked 1st in affordability, 20th in availability of healthcare, and 5th in overall quality of life.

Another warm state often thought of as a destination for those looking to retire in 2018, Arizona, ranked 10th overall. Another study we examined previously by had ranked Utah as the number one state for retirement. Wallethub has them ranked 10th overall in this study.

The Bottom 5

  • Kentucky – 43.06 overall score
  • New Jersey – 44.94 overall score
  • Rhode Island – 45.14 overall score
  • Mississippi – 46.28 overall score
  • Arkansas – 46.89 overall score

The bottom 5 states were generally last, or in the bottom 10 of most of the top 3 categories. Notably, Mississippi and Arkansas ranked in the top 20 (10th and 20th respectively) in affordability. However, access to healthcare related services and overall quality of life received low marks.

Your Mileage May Vary

Of course, there are wonderful places to be had in every state for those looking to retire. Utah may be too out of the way. Florida sunshine and beaches may not appeal to you. Still, perhaps the blue hills of Kentucky (and access to bourbon) may seem like a retirees paradise.

Your mileage may vary, and there are several factors to consider when deciding where to spend your golden years. and Wallethub have done a good job breaking down the overall quality of life in each state. For everything else, there’s City vs City.

City vs City calculates your true cost of living by examining several key factors at the zip code level. Income, housing expenses, state and local taxes, and other factors are broken down and compared. Choose two cities and see which one stacks up best.

If you’re looking to retire in 2018 or beyond, don’t make a choice before downloading the City vs City app first!