Looking For Blockchain Jobs in The USA? Try These Cities

If you’re looking for blockchain jobs, these cities have you covered!

One major consideration when choosing where to live is the availability of jobs. Whatever your chosen profession, it would be silly to pick up and move without knowing if there will be work waiting when you get there. When it comes to advanced technology, there are many locations to choose from.

Seattle, Austin, and Denver all feature bustling technology hubs. San Francisco and the rest of Silicon Valley isn’t too shabby either. One major advancement in technology has been the rise of blockchain technology. Most often associated with bitcoin, blockchain is an innovative digital ledger in which transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly.

Confused? Maybe this infographic can explain it in simple terms:

blockchain jobs in the USA

However, blockchain jobs in this USA aren’t all about bitcoin and crypto. The technology is being applied in other industries and some experts think it may be the next big thing. If you’re searching for a way in, these cities are offering the best opportunities.

Best Cities For Blockchain Jobs in the USA

  1. New York
  2. San Francisco
  3. Boston
  4. Chicago
  5. Palo Alto
  6. Austin
  7. San Jose
  8. Atlanta
  9. Raleigh
  10. Los Angeles
  11. Seattle
  12. Denver
  13. Washington, D.C.
  14. Houston
  15. Charlotte

List compiled by Forbes. See the rest of the article here.

Of the cities listed, many have an increasingly high cost of living. New York, San Francisco, DC, Seattle, Los Angeles, and others are seen as high cost states. Some of these states have high taxes while others are seeing skyrocketing home prices.

However, there is opportunity to be had. Charlotte, Austin, Raleigh, and a few other cities are some of the best cities to live in America. In fact, Charlotte was named one of the most affordable cities in the country! 

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