Living In Kansas City Is Affordable, Analysis Says

With home prices and cost of living soaring on the coasts, the mid-west and southern states are looking pretty good. Oklahoma City took the #1 spot in the nation for most affordable city. However, Kansas City wasn’t far behind. Kansas City is affordable, friendly, and may be the place for you!

Kansas City is affordable and may be a good place if you’re considering moving. A recent Kansas City Star article outlined findings we’ve spoken about previously.  While Oklahoma got the gold, Kansas City ranked #2 in the nation in terms of affordability.

With higher than average incomes and lower than average expenses, Kansas City just missed out on the #1 spot.

“Those of us who live in Kansas City aren’t surprised by the rankings. Most of the cities in the Top 10 were in the Midwest or Southern states, who, like us, are often overlooked by those on the coasts.” – Joe Reardon, CEO of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Kansas City is home to a variety of industries and a few well-known companies are headquartered or have a major presence there. Among them:

  • Sprint-Nextel
  • Bushnell
  • Garmin
  • Hallmark
  • Crayola

Additionally, Kansas City is home to a large beef-producing industry and several manufacturing companies. A thriving downtown scene as well as several pro and college sports teams also adds to the appeal.

Thinking of Moving?

If Kansas City is affordable, then why not consider moving? Whether KC or another city is calling your name, don’t make a move without downloading the City vs City app first! Our cost of living calculator will compile your current cost of living. Then, we compare it against Kansas City or any city you’re considering making your new home.