Irate Residents Use $1 Bills to Pay Property Taxes

When one resident’s  tax bill jumped 26 percent from $9,100 to more than $11,600 he took matter into his own hands. Sticking it to the treasurer’s office, Mr. McGrath decided to pay property taxes with $1 bills.

Now THAT’S How you Pay Property Taxes

McGrath, who lives in Woodstock, where he also owns an automotive business, marched into the treasurer’s office to pay his property taxes.  He carried in two clear plastic bags. One, he said, was filled with $9,995.66 in singles (and some coins) along with a check for $1,456 to pay his business real estate tax bill of $11,451.

Taxes on his business when he built it in 2003 were about $7,000, and that cost has risen to $23,000, he said.

“It’s out of control, I can’t stay here and continue to do business. I don’t see an end in sight here.”

He said he already owns land in Wisconsin, where he plans on moving his home and business once he can sell the Woodstock properties. Unfortunately, the high taxes are putting a damper on his attempts to sell.

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