Rising Fast: Increased Cost of Living In These 20 Cities

As 2018 rolls on, cost of living is going up in several cities across America. Did your city make the list? 

Where Cost of Living Is Rising

America’s largest cities already have a high cost of living. That much is no surprise. However, what is surprising is how quickly the increased cost of living is taking effect. In some cities such as San Francisco, 40% of residents are considering leaving to escape costs.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the increased cost of living has taken Chicago by surprise. Nearly half of Chicago residents can’t afford where they presently live. 

In reality, we all expect cost of living to increase from time to time. In fact, it seems as though cost of living will always go up and never down. There are a few cities, however, where costs are rising so rapidly it’s hard for residents to keep up.

According to Forbes, here are the 20 cities where the increased cost of living is increasing the most rapidly:

  1. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. Columbus, Ohio
  4. Fresno, California
  5. Arlington, Texas
  6. Fort Worth, Texas
  7. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  8. Sacramento, California
  9. Wichita, Kansas
  10. San Antonio, Texas
  11. Mesa, Arizona
  12. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  13. Jacksonville, Florida
  14. Anaheim, California
  15. El Paso, Texas
  16. Denver, Colorado
  17. Indianapolis, Indiana
  18. Phoenix, Arizona
  19. Detroit, Michigan
  20. Houston, Texas

What Gives?

Looking at the above list, it’s easy to see that states like California are well represented. While that’s not a surprise, the fact that Texas is also prominent may cause you to raise an eyebrow.

For the most part, these increased cost of living expenses are due to housing prices and availability. Although there are several factors which impact cost of living. Among them: housing, transportation, state and local taxes, and more.

Thankfully, City vs City takes these factors into account when comparing living costs between cities. Using our app you can see a side by side comparison of costs in each city and see which one comes out ahead.

For example, let’s grab two cities off the list above: Indianapolis and San Antonio. There’s a lot to like about both cities. Perhaps you even live in one right now. But let’s say you were considering moving from one to the other. How would your expenses change?

With City vs City, you can find out before you move.

City vs City was created to answer one question. How would your expenses change if you were to maintain the same standard of living in a different city? While Indianapolis and San Antonio have a lot of similarities, living in San Antonio would actually be slightly less expensive.

With City vs City, all you have to do is enter your data and your current zip code to determine your current cost of living. Then, select another zip code of your choosing. As a result, you’ll see a side by side comparison of costs.

The example above is just one of the thousands of comparisons available. If you’re thinking of moving, don’t make a move without downloading City vs City first.