Honolulu and Pittsburgh are the Best Places to Live in America

They couldn’t be more different. However, in a recent ranking, both Honolulu and Pittsburgh ranked high on the list of best places to live.

One’s got steel mills, the other pineapples. One has warm weather and sandy beaches, the other has the Allegheny river. Yes, Pittsburgh and Honolulu could scarcely be more different when it comes to comparing cities.

However, according to The Economist, they’re practically the same. Well, sort of. The Economist’s Global Livability index ranks Honolulu as the most livable city in America (23rd overall). Pittsburgh was the second US city on the list ranked at 32nd overall.

No US City made the top 20 best places to live. However, other US cities making the top 50 include:

  • Washington, D.C. (37th)
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota (39th)
  • Boston, Massachusetts (42nd)
  • Chicago, Illinois + Miami, Florida (tied for 44th overall)
  • Seattle, Washington (46th)
  • San Francisco, California (49th)
  • Atlanta, Georgia (50th)

How Is It Measured?

The annual survey considers 30 variables related to safety, health care, educational resources, infrastructure ,and the environment. Vienna, Austria ranked #1 on the list, followed by Melbourne, Australia.

Large cities in general tended not to fair as well on the list; ostensibly due to congestion, environmental, and cost of living concerns.  Pittsburgh ranks well in terms of cost of living, making it one of the best places to live in America.

A rising economy, fueled by tech innovation, is helping to revitalize the steel city and one of the more prominent metropolises in the “rust belt.” Of course, if it’s tech you want; there’s no place to move other than Seattle, right?

Not so fast. Not all cities are created equally. And while Seattle is a major tech hub, it isn’t the only game in town. With Pittsburgh on the rise, along with Austin, Texas and Boulder, Colorado; maybe Seattle isn’t the best place for you?

How can you choose?

We’ve Got You Covered

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Let’s look at a quick comparison of Seattle and Pittsburgh and see which is the best place to live from a cost standpoint. Both appeared on The Economist’s list remember. Pittsburgh at  32nd and Seattle at 46 overall.

As you can see, the high cost of living in Seattle is not a myth. Pittsburgh is roughly 36% less expensive. Of course, your mileage may vary based on your income and several other factors; however, City vs City uses your data combined with real, local data to determine which city would be a better cost of living fit for you.

Seattle did make the list of best places to live. However, Pittsburgh is on our list of more affordable!

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