Here Are The US Cities With the Highest Taxes

When you move to a different city, you adopt a few things. A new neighborhood, sometimes a new culture, a new home sport’s team. One thing you also adopt is a new tax burden. Each state and city in the US has its own share of taxes to consider and not all are created equal. Here are the US cities with the highest taxes (and the lowest!)

Why City Taxes Vary

Simply put, states and cities have a pretty broad and unfettered ability to impose the taxes they see fit. This is why some states have no sales or income tax while others do. It’s also why property taxes may vary widely between states, cities, and even neighborhoods.

When looking at the cities with the highest taxes, it’s important to break down exactly what we’re talking about. Federal income tax rates do not changed based on where you live. However, state income tax, sales tax, property taxes, and excise taxes are set at the state or local level.

Why are cigarettes more expensive in New York City than West Virginia? Among other things, the tax rates are vastly different. For the same reason, a gallon of gas is cheaper in Michigan than it is in New York.

Cities With The Highest Taxes

When looking at the tax burden placed on the average citizen, the state of Connecticut emerges as the #1 state in the nation for high taxes. Connecticut residents are burdened with an average of $7,869 per year.

New York and New Jersey came in at #2 and #3 with average tax burdens of $6,993 and $6,926 respectively. Residents of these states, specifically the larger cities are faced with an average tax burden two to three thousand dollars more per year than the national average.

Note: The national average tax burden is $4,420 according to TurboTax.

Cities With the Lowest Taxes

It should come as no surprise that the southern states ranked better. Even city residents benefit from an average tax burden below the national average. The top states were:

  • Mississippi: $2,742
  • Tennessee: $2,805
  • Louisiana: $2,950

Residents of these states have an average tax burden well below the national average.

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