Healthcare Costs By State: Where Will Premiums Rise?

Healthcare is obviously a hot issue these days. The future of the Affordable Care Act is uncertain, medicare and medicaid face their own challenges, and states are exploring new ways to control their costs. However, premiums are likely to rise in 2018 and beyond so let’s take a look at the healthcare costs by state in 2018 and 2019.

As rising costs start to be felt around the country, these states will be the hardest hit by healthcare premiums. Here is a look at healthcare costs by state and how they’re likely to rise in the coming year.

15. Illinois

When looking at healthcare costs by state, Illinois can expect to see an increase of around 19.4%  per plan according to findings from The Urban Institute 

14. Georgia

Like Illinois, the loss of the individual mandate will have an impact on the cost of healthcare in Georgia. An per plan increase of 19.5% is likely to be felt in the early part of 2019.

13. New Hampshire

The current administration is proposing a series of short-term, limited plans that they say will help even out the marketplace. However, New Hampshire residents may see an increase of 19.6% regardless.

12. Indiana

An average increase of 19.6% awaits Indiana residents seeking to purchase healthcare on the ACA market.

11. Montana

When the current administration moved to end subsidies for the poorest Americans in June 2017, the two major insurers in Montana raised rates 12% and 22% for ACA Silver plans.

Premiums in Montana will raise yet again by the start of  2019. On average, Montana residents will see costs jump 19.8%, with the highest increases for people over 50.

10. Delaware

An average increase of 19.9% and creeping closer to 20%. Delaware residents will feel the heat of rising premiums. The east coast states will be largely affected due to already high costs of living.

9. West Virginia

Coal-mining country will not spared unfortunately. Shifts in the marketplace will likely lead to a premium increase of 20% on average.

8. Wisconsin

A 20% increase is expected to hit Wisconsin by 2019. This is accounting for the addition of low-cost coverage options as well as an end to subsidies for low-income individuals.

7. Texas

Texas premiums can expect a 20.25 increase by the year 2019 unless changes are made. The lack of subsidies and the addition of low-cost, bare-bones plans will likely not have a positive impact on the lone star state.

6. Nebraska

Premiums in Nebraska are expected to increase by 20.4% over the next year.

The Hardest Hit States

The following 5 states are expected to have the worst increases. When looking at healthcare costs by state, these five can expect plans to cost anywhere from 20% to 22% more than they do today

  • Arizona
  • Rhode Island
  • North Dakota
  • Alabama
  • South Dakota

Healthcare costs vary by state and have a profound impact on cost of living. While no state is expected to see costs decrease, there are a few that will be better off than those on this list.

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