In The Hamptons: Smaller Homes Are Taking Over

When it comes to fashion (and television), orange may be the new black. However, when it comes to the high-priced real estate market in the Hamptons, New York: smaller homes are taking over and it appears that “small is the new big.”

Looking at the Hamptons may seem so be only a microcosm of the market. However, homeowners and buyers in this wealthy region are closely tied to the finance industry as a whole. The Hamptons real estate market therefore usually parallels the financial sector well.

McMansions Are On The Way Out

Through September, the Hamptons saw 517 total home sales which is 12% more than the 10-year quarterly average. That’s a lot of homes, however inventory for smaller homes is dropping rapidly.

Deals for properties costing less than $500,000 fell 12% during this time while sales of homes priced between $500,000 and $999,000 rose by 22%. Following this trend, homes priced between $1 million and $1.99 million climbed by 12%.

All this buying may seem to contradict the idea that “small is the new big.” However, realtors believe that there is a lack of inventory in the non-luxury category precisely because of its recent popularity. Therefore, buyers are being forced into the higher-end categories due to a lack of availability.

“When you look at the inventory under a million, that’s the largest shortage, so buyers stepped up to the next level of the market,” said Ernest Cervi, a senior vice president at Corcoran Group, a New York based real estate firm.

Smaller homes

Indeed, the higher priced homes seem to be less desirable, with deals in excess of $3 million dwindling noticeably.

Smaller Homes? Everything is Relative

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