Guess What? Ohio Taxes Are Really High.

While we don’t think of Ohio as being a particularly high-cost state, a new study shows that Ohio taxes are actually quit high.

For Ohioans, tax time can’t go away quickly enough. Unfortunately, a new report out by WalletHub shows that Ohio taxes are currently the 7th highest in the country.

What’s Going on in Ohio?

The study compares the average tax burden on Ohio residents compared to the rest of the country. At 7th, this puts Ohio squarely in the company of other high-tax states such as New Jersey.

In terms of the overall rank, when looking at the effective tax rate in Ohio, the state comes in 45th. However, when looking at real dollars, the median household in Ohio pays the 7th highest taxes in the country: $7,300.

Here’s a breakdown of where Ohio taxes fell in various categories:

  • 45: Overall effective state and local tax rate
  • 38: State Income tax
  • 40: Real estate tax
  • 1: Vehicle property tax
  • 33: Sales and excise taxes

It just goes to show you that cost of living, as well as location matters. The states with the overall highest tax burdens were more familiar territory.

  1. Illinois
  2. Connecticut
  3. Nebraska
  4. New York
  5. Rhode Island

And the lowest?

  1. Alaska
  2. Deleware
  3. Montana
  4. Nevada
  5. Wyoming

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