Press Release: City Vs City Mobile App Now Available for Android and iOS

City vs City is the first cost of living calculator that can account for unique spending habits at a ZIP code level

LAS VEGASAug. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Wahrheit Ventures announced the release of its first mobile application, City Vs City. The mobile app is the first cost of living calculator with patent-pending technology that enables users to fully account for their standard of living when computing how much their current spending habits would cost in a different U.S. city (explainer video).

The launch of the application has seen strong initial results and is receiving positive feedback from new users. Particularly popular is how the app transforms the typically mundane process of data entry into an engaging and enjoyable experience.

This was a major objective for the design of our user interface, which drew inspiration from gaming apps. Wahrheit assembled a team of contractors to execute its vision for the design, font, and back end of the application.

Another feature typically reserved for gaming applications is a virtual currency. Coins may be spent to unlock additional features such as the ability to compare more than one city. Users win these “coins” for entering their data or for participating in rewarded advertisements.

Coins are also available through In-App purchases. This virtual currency is managed by TapJoy.

The real ingenuity behind the app is the algorithm that performs the computations. This component truly makes our app unlike any other cost of living calculator on the market. Specifically, calculation of a user’s cost of housing in a different city is a major advancement. This is a change over the status quo that uses median prices of wide metropolitan areas.

Further updates will become available as time goes on. Updates will focus on adding new features that will further distinguish the app from similar applications.

About Wahrheit Ventures

Wahrheit Ventures is a software development and music production company with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. City Vs City is the company’s primary product, which is now available for iOS and Android devices. More than just a cost of living calculator, the app allows users to discover what their current lifestyle would cost in a different city. Learn more at or check out the explainer video on YouTube. And please follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook for product announcements and to keep up with the City Vs City promotional tour.

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