Cost of Living in Tampa Dips Below the US Average

Florida isn’t the easiest place to live when it comes to cost. However, the cost of living in Tampa is below the US average.

According to a report by The Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corp, the cost of living in Tampa is 12% lower than the US average. This is the first time Tampa has dipped this far below since the group started tracking cost of living in Tampa back in 2000.

“Not only does the Tampa market provide an excellent quality of life, but once again it proves to be one of the most cost-friendly places to live compared to competing markets throughout Florida and across the country,” said Robin DiSalvo, marketing research analyst for the Tampa Hillsborough EDC

The Tampa Metro Area scored a 88.3 out of  a possible 100 on the index. This ranked it first in Florida for cost of living. Coming in second, Raleigh, North Carolina and Jacksonville, Floirda were tied.

The index was calculated based on individual scores on household items and expenses like groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, health care and miscellaneous goods and services. Curiously enough, the cost of groceries in Tampa is higher than average. However, the city’s relatively low housing costs were enough to nudge it into the first place bracket.

Tampa Here We Come

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