Cost of Living In San Francisco is Equal to DC

Worldwide, The United States doesn’t even make the top 10 list for most expensive cities to live in. However, when looking at North America, the cost of living in San Francisco is tied with Washington D.C.

A new report by The Economist ranked global cities by comparing prices on more than 150 items in 133 cities around the world. For the fifth year in a row, Singapore topped the list followed by Paris and Zurich.

America did not make the top ten list, however it wasn’t far behind. Singapore had a cost of living index of 116. The first US city on the list, New York, received an index ranking of 100 which almost put NYC into the top 10. Sydney, Australia ranked 10th globally with a cost of living index of 102.

cost of living in San Francisco is equal to DC

North American Rankings

New York City topped the list of North American cities for the highest cost of living. Los Angeles and Minneapolis followed at #2 and #3.  Chicago and Seattle also made the list. So far, none of these are surprises. However, two American cities tied for 4th in North America: San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

That the cost of living in San Francisco is equal to DC is somewhat surprising. We hear a lot about how expensive San Francisco is these days. Residents living in RVs, burned out homes expected to sell for hundreds of thousands, and a mass exodus from the bay area are all headline news items.

DC has always been an expensive place to live, however it doesn’t receive the attention that San Francisco does.

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Other cities on the North American list include Pittsburgh, Vancouver, and Houston. Globally, 16 American cities wound up on the list of most expensive cities to live in. Of those 16, Atlanta was the lowest. It is over 30% less expensive to live in Atlanta than the number one city in North America, NYC.

Location Matters

Cost of living in San Francisco has been well-documented. Check out the video above for our San Fran / DC comparison and to see other city vs city comparisons. Cost of living is impacted by a number of factors including income, household expenses, state and local taxes, and more.

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