Cost of Living News: Which Cities Are Getting More Expensive?

It seems like every week there’s a new piece of cost of living news to digest. Of course, the most important aspect of cost of living is, well, the cost. More importantly, which cities are costing more than ever these days?

A recent Business Insider report looked at the cost of living in major American cities. Specifically, which cities are getting more expensive for the American middle class. Here’s the cost of living news for the 20 cities where cost is increasing the fastest.

20. Houston, Texas (+23.45% from 2017)

19. Detroit, Michigan (+23.57% from 2017)

18. Phoenix, Arizona (+23.69% from 2017)

17. Indianapolis, Indiana (+23.97% from 2017)

16. Denver, Colorado (+23.98% from 2017)

15. El Paso, Texas (+24.15% from 2017)

14. Anaheim, California (+25.24% from 2017)

13. Jacksonville, Florida (+25.72% from 2017)

12. Albuquerque, New Mexico (+25.77% from 2017)

11. Mesa, Arizona (+25.81% from 2017)

10. San Antonio, Texas (+26.76% from 2017)

9. Wichita, Kansas (+26.81% from 2017)

8. Sacramento, California (+26.93% from 2017)

7. Virginia Beach, Virginia (+28.34% from 2017)

6. Fort Worth, Texas (+29.44% from 2017)

5. Arlington, Texas (+30.53% from 2017)

4. Fresno, California (+31.29% from 2017)

3. Columbus, Ohio (+31.48% from 2017)

2. Austin, Texas (+33.92% from 2017)

And The Winner Is….

If this cost of living news isn’t a bombshell, we don’t know what is. Number one on the list of cities where cost of living has increased the most from last year is:

Colorado Springs, Colorado

In Colorado Springs, the cost of living jumped 35.61% over 2017.

What Impacts Cost of Living?

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