The Cost of Living in Denver Is On The Rise

Denver is a city on the rise. A booming tech sector across Colorado is increasing the population with high-income earners. On the other hand, this influx is leading to an increase in the cost of living in Denver and other areas.

According to the Denver Post, if you moved to Denver in the past decade, you’ve done alright for yourself. On average, people who moved to the Denver metro area earned $3,100 per household more than those who left.

While this bodes well for those who moved into Denver, it isn’t so great for those who left.

The median annual household income of those coming into the Denver-Aurora metro area was $52,588, while the median income of those leaving was $49,473, a difference of $3,115.

What Gives?

The cost of living in Denver is a godsend to many of the incoming residents. Why? Because many of them are coming from expensive coastal cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York.

Compared to these areas, the cost of living in Denver is a step down from what they’re used to. The problem, however, is that many of these individuals are bringing higher incomes. As a result, housing costs are rising and median wages in Denver aren’t keeping pace.

“This has caused the price appreciation to increase faster that what would have occurred were the housing market is in line with the population growth.” – Elizabeth Garner, State Demographer

While Denver continues to see a net gain in population, more people than ever before are leaving the city as well as the state of Colorado.

Your Local Cost of Living Matters

Costs around the country vary widely. From property taxes to state income taxes, median wages, home prices, and more. The cost of living in Denver is just one example. For those moving from San Francisco, they can now lead the same quality of life (or better) for far less than what they’re used to.

For lower income residents of Denver, the increased costs are forcing them out. Everything, of course, is relative.

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For San Francisco residents, moving to Denver is a step up. What about you?

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