The Cost of Living In America’s Largest Cities

We all know that cost of living varies widely based on location. What may work in Manhattan, Kansas doesn’t necessarily work in Manhattan, New York. Recently, CNBC used data from the Economic Policy Institute to determine the cost of living in each of America’s largest cities. Here are the results

In order of lowest to highest cost of living:

15. San Antonio, Texas

14. Jacksonville, Florida

13. Houston, Texas

12. Dallas, Texas

11. Columbus, Ohio

10. Austin, Texas

9. Indianapolis, Indiana

8. Chicago, Illinois

7. Phoenix, Arizona

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

5. Los Angeles, California

4. San Diego, California

3. New York, New York

2. San Jose, California

1. San Francisco, California

Cost of living varies based on location. Not surprisingly, 4 of the top 5 most expensive cities are in California. New York city, of course, is the exception to the West Coast rule.

Costs in these cities range between $3,121 per month for housing in San Francisco; to $1,001 per month in San Antonio, Texas. At more than 3x the cost, it’s no wonder California residents have been leaving the west coast state and settling down south of the border.

In fact, there has been a growing trend in recent years of residents fleeing high-tax states in search of a lower cost of living. What’s more, the huge disparity between the first and last on this list just goes to show how wide cost differences can be; even among the biggest cities in America.

Help Is On The Way

Of course, the above data is based on averages and medians. That may be true in San Antonio, Texas or Los Angeles, California. However, what about Oxnard, California or Plano, Texas? When it moves from the general to the personal; real numbers count.

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