The Cost of Apartments In Pittsburgh Is Coming Down

Pittsburgh isn’t the cheapest place to live; however, it’s about the get a little easier for some residents. Hot off a spot on the list of best cities for millennials, the steel city is seeing the cost of apartments in Pittsburgh on the way down

There are several factors driving the drop in apartment prices. A high demand for luxury apartments led to the construction of thousands of new units. For now, it appears as though the demand has been largely satisfied.

“I think there’s a temporary glut of rental units. It’s definitely a renters market,” said Todd Reidbord, Walnut Capital Real Estate 

Developers have constructed nearly 4,600 luxury apartments over the last 5 years. Another 2,000 are in development. This has led to an overabundance of supply. As a result, costs are coming down and incentives are going up.

“It usually increases from there. You get two months free rent, two months parking, they start giving away amenities that support the properties,” said Paul Griffith, of Integra Realty Resources.

Pittsburgh was recently named a top landing spot for millennials as well as a great city for first time home-buyers. With the cost of apartments in Pittsburgh coming down, it’s easy to see why!

Moving To Pittsburgh?

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