Colorado Property Taxes Are Among The Lowest In The Country

Whether you’re living in Boulder or working in Denver; if you’re a Colorado homeowner, there’s reason to smile this tax season. A new study shows that Colorado property taxes are among the lowest in the country.

A study conducted by Wallethub and reported by CBS news in Denver found that Colorado property taxes average .057% which ranks the state 6th in the nation for lowest property taxes.

The state just narrowly missed the top 5; being eked out by Washington D.C. with their average property tax rate of .56%

The low numbers weren’t the case for two states near Colorado. Neighbor Nebraska had the seventh highest property taxes and nearby Texas had the sixth. For a $184,700 house, homeowners in those states pay approximately $3,400 in annual property taxes compared to Colorado’s $1,058

Moving To Colorado?

There’s a lot to like about Colorado living. From the fresh air to low property taxes and a growing tech sector; Colorado is booming right now. However, while property taxes are low, Colorado ranks 10th in the nation for highest home prices

Given both factors, it can be difficult to know if Colorado is right for you. That’s why knowing what to expect in you city is important if you’re planning on becoming a homeowner.

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