The Relationship Between Coffee And Rent In Your City

There may be some common ground (get it?) between the number of coffee shops in your city and the rent you pay to live there. Using data from Renthop and Datafiniti we can extrapolate a few things about the relationship between the rent in your city and coffee.

Though a clear correlation is not readily apparent, there are a few interesting data points to note about coffee and rent in your city.  First, there are a LOT of coffee shops in major cities in America.

coffee and rent

You may have expected to see Seattle on the list. However, keep in mind that while Seattle is famous for its coffee, it is far form the largest city in the United States. In fact, Seattle ranks about 16th in population.

rent in your city

When plotted on a graph, there is no clear correlation between median rent and number of coffee shops. However, when we take a closer look at the neighborhood-level, a stronger relationship develops.


When we compare the number of coffee shops in Manhattan to the median rent, we can see similarities.  Generally, high-rent neighborhoods have an abundance of coffee. Lower rent neighborhoods have less available.

Areas of Manhattan with a lot of commercial office space (and high rents) were generally more likely to have a lot of coffee available. Of course, this is to accommodate office workers.

High rent, luxury areas are also likely to have coffee readily available, often higher end brands and stores.

Need a New Cup?

To some people, the coffee in their city matters a great deal. For them, it’s off to Seattle. For the rest of us, rent and cost of living is probably a greater priority and that’s where City vs City can help!

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