High California Housing Costs, Taxes Prompt Exodus

California housing costs are skyrocketing and citizens are taking notice. Living in San Jose, Kathleen Eaton seemingly had it all: a well-paying job, a home in a gated community, even the Bay Area’s temperate weather. However, the cost of living was taking its toll.

Enduring a daily grind that made her feel like a “gerbil on a wheel,” Eaton reached her limit. Skyrocketing costs for housing, food and gasoline, along with the area’s insufferable gridlock prompted the four-decade Bay Area resident to seek greener pastures .

2,000 miles away in Ohio.

Citizens Fleeing High Costs of Living

Eaton is far from alone.

Besieged by the high California housing costs, a growing number of Bay Area residents are feeling like Kathleen. Worsening traffic, high taxes and a generally more expensive cost of living isn’t helping. Many bay area residents believe life would be better just about anywhere else but there.

“They are tired of the expense of living here. They are tired of the state of California and the endless taxes here,” said Scott McElfresh, a certified moving consultant.

Residents are fleeing California in droves, but it isn’t the only state. There has been a pattern in recent years of citizens moving out of high-tax states in favor of ones with a better cost of living.

California is high on this list, however Illinois, Connecticut, and New Jersey hold the top 3 spots. Overall, citizens are concerned with the rising cost of living in high-tax states and are actively seeking better conditions.

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