California Housing Costs Are Re-Segregating Bay Area

California housing costs are steadily on the increase. As a result, the rising costs are causing a re-segregation of the area, according to one report.

A recent report from the Berkeley Housing Displacement Project indicate that rising California housing costs are leading to segregation.

“Our research provides quantitative evidence of what activists have been saying for years: The housing crisis is contributing to the re-segregation of the Bay Area,” says Miriam Zuk, director of the Urban Displacement Project.

The report indicates that California housing costs are furthering disparities along racial and economic lines. As the rich areas get richer, the poor areas get poorer.

“These reports provide clear evidence that low-income people of color in the Bay Area suffer the most as housing prices rise and displacement pushes them into higher-poverty, lower-resource neighborhoods where the odds are stacked against them,” says Matt Schwartz, president and CEO of the California Housing Partnership. “We can and must do better.”

The report comes amid findings that also indicate that the increased California cost of living has made it the most impoverished state in the country when accounting for those cost of living expenses.

With high taxes and skyrocketing housing costs, California faces unique challenges that come with a high cost of living state. Many residents are actively moving away to avoid the excess costs. 

Location Matters

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